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RCIA - Discover the Beauty of the Catholic Faith

Rite of Christian Initation of Adults

RCIA - Discover the Beauty of the Catholic Faith

Thank you for taking the first step in inquiring about membership of the Roman Catholic Church. We are delighted to accompany you as you know more intimately the living person of Jesus Christ who continues his presence among us in the Church. ​

The RCIA, which stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is a process through which non-baptized men and women enter the Catholic Church. It includes several stages marked by study, prayer and rites at Mass. Participants in the RCIA are known as catechumens. They undergo a process of conversion as they study the Gospel, profess faith in Jesus and the Catholic Church, and receive the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Holy Eucharist.

RCIA is a spiritual process for anyone who is inquiring about the Catholic Faith, and also for Catholics who are already baptised, but who, for some reason, were never instructed in the faith or celebrated the Sacraments of Confirmation and/or Holy Eucharist.

The three goals of RCIA are:
To instruct participants about the Catholic Church
To bring about a full conversion as a follower of Jesus Christ
To become an active member of the faith community

​If you are interested in being initiated into the Roman Catholic Church, please consider attending Mass at a nearby parish and contact the Parish Priest to enquire if they have an RCIA programme.

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