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Parish Pastoral Assemblies

Recruitment and training underway across the Diocese

 Parish Pastoral Assemblies

Representatives from parishes across the Diocese recently participated in regional meetings as they begin the process of establishing Parish Pastoral Assemblies in their local parish, a task Bishop Tom hopes will be completed by the end of September 2023.

The meetings focused on:
Generating awareness among parishioners of the need for Parish Pastoral Assemblies and the rationale behind the process.
Assessing the needs of parishes.
Advertising, timeframes, closing dates etc.
Methods of recruiting (nomination/expression of interest).

The Parish Pastoral Assembly is a faith-filled, consultative body of the faithful, through which priests and people work together as co-responsible partners in furthering the mission of Christ in their own parish. Further details on the role of a Parish Pastoral Assembly are available on the diocesan website:
Parishes are invited to keep this process in their prayers over the coming months.

Congratulations to parishes that have already completed their selection process and training to date and are beginning their work.

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