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Photo: Archpriest of Aveiro

How to Support Our Pilgrims

Over 40 young adults from across the Diocese of Meath have been saving and earning money so they may travel on pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Lisbon, in August 2023.  Let’s encourage them and get to know these extraordinary young adults – as they bring an extraordinary experience of God’s love back to our parishes!


Pray for our Pilgrims!

Your prayers will support our pilgrims in their preparation; they will accompany them on their pilgrimage, and ensure this unique pilgrimage draws them closer to the Lord, and ensure they return fully alive in their faith.

We invite you to pray for:

  • those seeking to travel from all over the world;

  • strong spiritual preparation among our pilgrims;

  • the diocesan leaders of the pilgrimage;

  • a generous outpouring of support, encouragement, and enthusiasm among parishes across our Diocese;


Be inspired!

Our young people inspire us and give us hope!  We’re proud that so many pilgrims are able to attend from the Diocese of Meath.  It’s an act of faith for our parishes to say, “We will help you go!” and for our young adults to commit to this trip.  We trust that the Holy Spirit can work among us to make this possible for them.  


Please follow the news as it unfolds, and share the excitement.

"Always look to the horizon with your eyes, but above all look with your heart. Open your heart to other cultures, to other boys and girls who also come to this day." Pope Francis

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