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The Catholic Church is preparing for a great Synod, a "walking on the way together", in 2024.  Pope Francis has asked, "How can the Church better fulfil her mission of offering hope to ALL people?"  He has called a Synod of Bishops which will come together in 2024.  The Holy Father wants the whole church to practice being 'Synodal', walking together and praying for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit so we will hear what God is saying to us now in these days.   The Pope uses three words when he talks about Synod: Communion, Participation, and Mission.  We are not being invited simply to put forward opinions or even to debate, but rather to listen prayerfully to the Holy Spirit speaking to us as individuals, families, worshipping communities, and all our brothers and sisters.

Welcome to the Synodal Pathway
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Angela Merici.....woman for Synodality?


In a recent blog, Sr Karen Kent, OSU offers Angela Merici as a woman who modelled synodality in the 16th century.  Read the full article below.

Irish Synod Participants 

Bishop Brendan Leahy of Limerick and Bishop Alan McGuckian, SJ of Raphoe will both attend the most diverse Synod in the history of the Synod of Bishops with numerous lay men, lay women, religious sisters, and priests also attending as voting members.

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Welcoming the announcement, Bishop Leahy said, “I very much look forward to the gathering in October. I believe the positive engagement and valuable inputs on the part of many in Ireland in the Synodal pathway to date have helped to prepare me. I am thinking of the special atmosphere and spiritual conversations we experienced, for example, at the Athlone gathering in June 2022. I pray that the October assembly will be a time of going deeper still, in listening together with participants from across the world to what the Spirit is saying to the Church at this time, so often described by Pope Francis as an era of transformation”.

Bishop McGuckian SJ said, “I am excited to be a part of an authentic discernment of the Holy Spirit at work in the People of God, as we listen together to the Scriptures and the Church’s tradition. We ask for the prayers of all the Faithful for inspiration for all of us who will gather in Rome that this Synod will bring us all closer to Christ and his Saving Love in the world.”


Two additional Irish people will also be attending the Synod this October. Rev Prof Eamonn Conway from the Archdiocese of Tuam is attending as one of the experts and facilitators, and Sr Pat Murray, IBVM who is the Executive Secretary of the UISG (International Union of Superiors General) is one of the women religious representing the Superiors General. We wish them every blessing!


New Synodal Continental Stage Logo - Prague 2023

European Continental Assembly:

Final Paper


First Ever European Continental Assembly
of a Synod Within the Catholic Church


Theme of Synod

Weekly Synodal Sunday Reflection


This Sunday Fr. Gerry McFlynn, Irish Council for Prisoners (London) offers a reflection for the Thirty First Sunday in Ordinary Time - Prisioners' Sunday.


Official Synodal


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The Instrumentum Laboris is the official working document for the first session of the 16th Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which will take place this October. A large number of people from various parts of the world with different fields of expertise prepared this important text which will animate all the work of the October assembly. The document will prove an invaluable tool for groups (parish, diocesan and national level) to continue their journey of reflection and discernment on how we walk together as a Church and carry out ecclesial initiatives.  To access the Instrumentum Laboris simply click on the image.


Synod Prague 2023

Synod Videos

Synod Videos

Synod Videos
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"Something special happened here ...." Archbishop Eamon Martin #synodprague2023

"Something special happened here ...." Archbishop Eamon Martin #synodprague2023

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Prayer from Ireland for Continental Assembly #synodprague2023

Prayer from Ireland for Continental Assembly #synodprague2023

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"It was a truly humbling experience ..." #SynodPrague2023

"It was a truly humbling experience ..." #SynodPrague2023

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Synodality and Hierarchy in Communion - Archbishop Eamon Martin at #synodprague2023

Synodality and Hierarchy in Communion - Archbishop Eamon Martin at #synodprague2023

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Synodal Process

Diocesan Phase
Continental Phase
National Phase
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Synodal Timeline

"In the Church, everything starts with baptism.  Baptism, the source  of our life, gives rise to the equal dignity of the children of God, albeit in the diversity of ministries and charisms.  Consequently, all the baptised are called to take part in the Church's life and mission."

Pope Francis, opening Mass for the Synod, 'For a Synodal Church, Communion, Participation and Mission'

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