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Trócaire Celebrates 50 Years of Social Justice

Together for a Just World

Trócaire Celebrates 50 Years of Social Justice

On the Feast of the Presentation of our Lord in 1973, the Irish Bishops wrote to the Christian people of Ireland establishing Trócaire. As we mark 50 years of Trócaire, we mark 50 years of perseverance, courage, participation, accountability and solidarity. From supporting human rights defenders in Central America, to leading the relief effort in Vietnam following the war, to providing essential emergency
assistance in the midst of crisis, Trócaire has been proud to work on behalf of the people of the island of Ireland in fighting injustice across the world. We thank God for our supporters and partners who empower us to do this vital work. We pray that the next fifty years will see all the people of the world working together for a more just world, and that the fruits of this work will be clear to see.

“The aim of Trócaire will be two-fold. Abroad, it will give whatever help lies within its resources to the areas of greatest need among the developing countries. At home, it will try to make us all more aware of the needs of these countries and of our duties towards them. These duties are no longer a matter of charity but of simple justice.”
(Pastoral Letter of the Irish Bishops establishing Trócaire, 1973)

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