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WMOF2018 update 14 June

The Icon of the Holy Family will be hosted by the diocese of Meath 

in St Mary's Church, Navan
 from 16:00 on Tuesday 26 June - 11:00 on Friday 29 June

   Prayer Path open from 7:00pm - Tues, Wed & Thurs
   Evening Prayer at 8:00pm - Tues, Wed & Thurs
   Prayer with Primary School Children from 11:30 - 12:15. 

in the Cathedral of Christ the King, Mullingar
   from 13:00 on Friday 29 June - 11:00 on Monday 2 July 

   Mass in the Cathedral at 7:30pm on Friday evening.
   Icon available for all visitors to the Cathdral on Saturday
   Vigil Mass on Saturday at 6:00pm
   Mass celebrated by Bishop Smith at 11:00am on Sunday
   followed by Parish Picnic in the Cathedral Grounds

   All welcome.

Families from surrounding parishes are being invited to visit and to spend some quiet time in prayer and to write their petitions for their families. Details below of the A6 petition sheet (see below).

"Pray-A-Thon" leaflet

This resource has been prepared by the WMOF catechetical team. Its aim is to encourage personal prayer by primary school pupils during the coming months. Pray-A-Thon downloads available here as an A6 booklet or as an A6 colour-in booklet. More details available here from the WMOF website Pray-A-Thon page.

A6 petition sheet

The diocesan committee has prepared a petition sheet for use by families, schools, nursing homes and parish communities. These small leaflets can be placed in the petition box near the Icon of the Holy Family in Navan or Mullingar. The written petitions will then be prayed for by religious communities across Ireland and will be brought to Mass in the Phoenix Park.



Tuesday 21 August

Evening Prayer & WMOF2018 Opening Ceremony with the participation of all parishes and WMOF pilgrim families around the Diocese of Meath. It is important to invite local groups to keep this evening free. Please speak with groups at local level who support families around your parish (e.g. Boards of Management, Teachers, Sporting Organisations, Musicians, Nursing Homes, Care-Givers, Emergency Services, local authorities).

* The 7 June gathering in Navan will provide liturgical resources, texts, music and guidelines for parishes who wish to celebrate the opening of the World Meeting at local level.

Wednesday 22 August - Friday 24 August
Pastoral Congress in the RDS

Families from parishes across the diocese of Meath are invited to gather for the Pastoral Congress exploring various themes from Wednesday – Friday. 
The theme of Wednesday's Congress has been chosen as "The Family and Faith". Families from around the diocese of Meath will be particularly welcomed on Wednesday 22 August.

Keynote speakers, timetables and topics are now available at this link

Saturday 25 August
Festival of Families in Croke Park 

This evening celebration will feature musical and dance performances illustrating family life around the world. Five selected families from around the world will give witness to their family’s faith and will share their hopes with Pope Francis and all participants.

Please note: Attendance at the Pastoral Congress in the RDS is the only way of guaranteeing tickets for the Festival of Families event with Pope Francis in Croke Park on Saturday evening 25 August 2018. 50% of these tickets have already been allocated to visitors from overseas. 

Sunday 26 August
Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park

The Meath diocesan committee has received applications from 250 singers (Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Bass) for the 5,000 voice choir at the Papal Mass in the Phoenix Park on Sunday 26 August 2018.

Applications have now closed for the choir (since 22 May). A stand-by list is now active in case other dioceses are unable to reach their required quota. 


latest update 22:00hrs Thursday 14 June 2018





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