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Second Level Chaplains

Chaplains are appointed by Bishop Michael Smith to all second level schools in the Diocese of Meath. Some are part time and are priests involved in full time parish work whilst others are full time, primarily school based. The full time Chaplains meet each half term that school is in session.

Provision is made for the appointment of a Roman Catholic chaplain in all Community Schools. This Chaplain is appointed by the Board of Management on the continued annual nomination of the Bishop of Meath.

The second level chaplaincy programme is overseen by Mr. Seán Wright, Director of the Office of Post Primary Catechetics.  For further information, contact:

Religious Education Office, The Whinnies,Tierworker, Kells, Co Meath

T. 086 8300334

F. 042 9665547

E. ppdd@eircom.net

Role of the Chaplain

The Chaplain works in harmony with the Principal and teachers of the school along with the families, communities and parishes of the students. They seek to know all students within the school and endeavors to meet individually, all first and sixth year students. They are involved in ensuring that retreats are made available for all students so that they may have the opportunity to reflect and develop a sense of awe, wonder and mystery.

They are involved with students who have suffered a bereavement or are experiencing personal difficulties. They liaise with the tutors and year heads over matters relating to the formation of the students and provides assistance as appropriate. They work with all staff to create a well balanced school community, involving themselves in the life of the school and are present at major events in the student’s school life.

They aim to encourage and foster an awareness of spirituality within the school to provide the students with an opportunity to express their own religious identity, through liturgies, retreats and other religions and non-religious occasions.

The Chaplain aims to be available “any time, any place, any where” to all members of the school community – students, staff, parents and to develop an open and trusting relationship with all those with whom they come into contact as a companion on the journey of life.






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