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Primary Education

Appointment of Primary School Staff

Appointment of Teaching Staff

The Diocese of Meath is proud of the committed Principals and Teachers employed in our schools. They bring the highest levels of education to the pupils entrusted to their care.

The Department of Education and Science sanctions the appointment of teachers and monitors, through its inspectorate, their standards.

The procedures for the appointment of Principals and Teachers are laid out in the Management Board Members Handbook. The procedures are also laid out in numerous publications of the Department of Education and Science. Boards of Management should ensure that they follow the procedures.

Click on this link for pdf version of Board of Management's Handbook from CPSMA website

At various stages of the year the appointment of teaching staff is made from a re-deployment Panel. The Department of Education and Science regulates the Main and Supplementary Panel. If there is a teacher on the Panel, the Board of Management may use these forms in making an offer to the teacher.

Offer of teaching position from Board of Management to Teacher | DOWNLOAD

Sample pro-forma reply to include with the offer | DOWNLOAD

Re-Deployment Panel:

The panel for the diocese of Meath is established by the Department of Education & Science. It is revised on a regular basis. Please return to education homepage for the most up-to-date Panel information.

When the re-deployment Panel has been cleared, Boards of Management must seek Departmental approval prior to advertising permanent positions. (see DES Circular 0002/2009)

If there are no teachers on the re-deployment Panel, Boards of Management advertise teaching vacancies and request the Patron to establish a Selection Board which invites applicants for interview and recommends the successful candidate to the Board of Management.

Boards of Management can make use of the following resources in relation to their teaching vacancy:

Resources for Boards of Management

1. Outline of Appointments Procedure | DOWNLOAD

2. Request to Patron for Appointment of Selection Board | DOWNLOAD

3. Sample Agenda for Meeting of the Selection Board | DOWNLOAD

4. Recommendation of Appointment of Successful Candidate from the Selection Board to the Board of Management | DOWNLOAD

5. Request from Board of Management to Patron for Appointment of Successful Candidate | DOWNLOAD

6. DES Staff Appointment Forms | DOWNLOAD (external link)

7. Booklet from the Department of Education & Science | DOWNLOAD (external link)



Garda Vetting of Teaching Staff

The Vetting of teaching staff in Primary Schools in the Republic of Ireland is facilitated by the Teaching Council of Ireland.

Garda Vetting Application forms are available from the Teaching Council of Ireland.

Contact Mary or Paul at 01-6519004 and they will post them to your address.

Appointment of Ancillary Staff
Sample Contracts are to be found on the National CPSMA Page | Click Here

Garda Vetting of Ancillary Staff
Boards of Management are responsible for the Vetting of non-teaching staff in their school.

Applicants for non-teaching jobs are informed at interview that, if they are successful, they will be vetted by the Garda Central Vetting Unit (GCVU).

The successful applicant is required to provide personal information of name, present and previous address, date of birth, etc. on the approved Garda Vetting Form. Boards of Management are requested to ensure that this form is fully completed and is legible.

This form is sent to the Diocesan Authorized Signatory, who forwards it to the GCVU. The GCVU will respond to the Authorized Signatory who will in turn pass on the information to the Board of Management.

The names and addresses of the Authorized Signatories for the Diocese of Meath have been posted to all Chairpersons of Boards in the Diocese.





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